You can call me Karr.

That's what all my friends call me. I guess that makes us friends.

What I'm up to right now

Red Panther

I own a web design and Webflow development company. I build simply fantastic websites for startups and local service businesses.
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3D Graphics Pro

I'm making a course that teaches web designers to create simply sweet 3D graphics for their website projects and businesses.
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I'm making a disc golfing course in my backyard. You can follow those adventures on my Discorbit website and YouTube channel.
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A few of the companies I've worked with:

A little about me

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A little about me

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In progress

*Unnamed Film

Short film (WIP), late 2022
Creating a film for the Fager Family Film Festival 2022 and possibly the 2023 Christian Worldview Film Festival.


Short film, 2018
I was the producer for a short film about a time-traveler looking for yellow-tinted glasses, written by my brother.


Kids book, 2021
I helped design the themes for a children's book that tells the stories of how a kangaroo family came to be.


FPV disc golfing, 2021
First time playing my homemade disc golf course. More disc golf videos to come on the Discorbit channel.